The time pillar for old-age provision

I’ll take care of it.
With my timecushion.

“Now I have energy and time.
Later I can accept them from others.”
Maria H., 64 Jyears old, Helper

Zeitpolster – timecushion
is the care and provision network,
the time pillar for personal pension provision. 

We are an Austrian social business. Exchange and learning together are important to us.
We have developed our model with a focus on scaling. An idea whose time has come should be able to grow.

How timecushions work 

Helpers support elderly people, families with children or people with disabilities through various simple support services. In return, they now receive a time credit which they can redeem later when they need care themselves.

“Demographic trends show
that the necessity of our idea.
The time is ripe for timecushion.”

Gernot Jochum-Müller

license model 

Time Cushion also makes sense in your country. Care is becoming one of the major social challenges in many countries. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We look forward to hearing from you.


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