3. how do I perceive my thoughts about relationships?

How do I perceive my thoughts about relationships?

Both those affected and outsiders can recognise signs of loneliness. Feelings of loneliness are not always clearly recognisable as such to ourselves. They are often combined with other negative feelings, such as sadness or anger. They are also sometimes not recognisable from the outside.

A frequent sign is destructive thoughts, which are also sometimes expressed.
The sooner these are countered with something positive, the better.

Possible thoughts:

  • At my age, I can no longer pursue a hobby because nothing works anymore.
  • The others are all so exhausting and I can hardly follow the conversations - I prefer to stay alone.
  • There is always more that I can no longer do. I'm no longer good for anything.
  • The world has become far too dangerous - I'd rather stay at home in safety.
  • It would be nice if the children and grandchildren would get in touch more often, but they probably don't feel like talking to me.
  • I would like to have more contact with others, but how can I do that?

Recognising negative thoughts

It can be frustrating when life doesn't go as hoped. When care needs arise, many people have this impression.

Negative thoughts that arise usually have a true core. However, they often lead to the wrong conclusion.

As a rule, current life circumstances do not necessarily lead (further) into loneliness, but the process can be broken.

However, it is important to be able to trigger a countermovement, which can sometimes be found in negative thoughts that are expressed.

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You can encounter this in different ways when caring for others:

Conclusion: Countering negative thoughts together

One of the stressful things about loneliness is feeling alone with problems, worries and challenging life situations. Many of these perceptions play out in our emotional world and can take on a life of their own - usually in a negative direction.

Caring situations in particular can provide external support to help you feel less alone with negative thoughts.

A few thought-provoking starting points for you personally and your support activities:

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Strengthen existing relationships mentally

What do beneficial contacts mean to me?

Bringing thoughts "back into the body"

How does my body react in relationships that give me pleasure?

Countering negative trends with self-esteem

What am I (still) particularly good at (for my age)? What do others appreciate me for?

Remind yourself of positive changes

What has already changed for the better in my life? Even surprised me?