1. about this learning unit

About this learning unit

What is this learning unit about?

This learning unit is about being able to recognise the often hidden and "silent" phenomenon of loneliness. You will learn about situations in which loneliness occurs more frequently, how you can recognise thoughts and behaviour in yourself or the person you are caring for that indicate loneliness and how time can be given to consciously become aware of it.

Learning objective of the unit

On the one hand, the need for care poses an increased risk of loneliness. On the other hand, close relationships of trust can develop in care situations in which loneliness can be recognised and overcome together. Recognising and acknowledging loneliness in the first place is the first step.

Learning objectives of the chapters

You will learn in the course of this learning unit:

Which life situations harbour a particular risk of loneliness?Learning objective: Observe changes in social relationship networks
How do I perceive my thoughts about relationships?Learning objective: To be able to reflect on cognitive judgements and evaluations
How can I recognise problematic patterns of behaviour in everyday life?Learning objective: To be able to recognise problematic behaviour patterns
How do I behave when I feel lonely?Learning objective: Understand and utilise the effect of the upward spiral
How can time for conscious perception be organised?Learning objective: To be able to initiate the creation and change of routines